Thank you for visiting the online home of INTRA, the ESL Recruitment Specialists. For those with adventurous spirits that loves to travel and loves to work with children, ESL teaching experience may be the eye-opening international opportunity you' ve been looking for.

We are Unique, Fast and well Organized recruiting agency in USA. Our agency was created by individuals who have lived and worked in Korea for a number of years. Through our own experiences we realized there was an inherent need for a North- American based intermediary between Korean schools and those wishing to teach in South Korea. So, we decided to put our knowledge and experience to good use and create INTRA EDUCATION.
UNIQUE : We are located in Seattle, Washington to provide an unrivalled real time service to our candidates across the North America going the extra mile for all your recruitment needs. We also recruit our candidates directly from all over North American Universities and Academies.
FAST : Our consultants have expert knowledge of the school, location, placement, with extensive experience dealing with visa applications. From preparation to sending your documents you don't need to worry about the next steps. We can handle everything promptly and provide latest news and other information to ESL teachers.
ORGANIZED : We've earned great reputations from teachers and schools with our systematic approach. We proceed to place teacher candidates in Educational institutes through our organized system. And our web team has dedicated to its development to provide you best quality services and informative resource.

We offer free, confidential and professional service, so feel free to contact us by email or phone.